Digital file

Digital document storage

The concept: digital archive

60dias specializes in digital document management; we provide a service that transforms all your paper documents into digital files that are easily organized and indexed electronically for later use.

The digital archive process

Our process aims to provide maximum quality in its product, maintaining the highest efficiency during the process. A summary of the process to be followed would be:

We collect the documentation in your facilities. When required, adapting to the Client’s requirements.
We prepare the documentation to be digitized by publishing it and classifying it by various criteria.
We digitise the documents to ensure its correct traceability
• Introduction of key data that ensure the uniqueness of documents.
• Data verification
Legalization of documents, if required, using our scanning software with signature-digitisation.
• Publication of associated images and data extracted in an application that, according to strict security standards, allows remote access by facilitating access to them according to different search criteria.

Advantages of digital document storage

This service has many advantages for our clients:

Normalization of files.
• Eliminación de los costes fijos por la supresión del archivo físico.
• The unsuccessful searches of documentation disappear. If the document exists, it finds it.
Elimination of legal risks for not finding documentation.
Immediate and concurrent access to the documentation (several users accessing the same document simultaneously).

Additional Information

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