The USS Constitution is the oldest active ship in the US Navy. However, this frigate is not only famous for its astonishing longevity but also for a curious fact.

It was launched in 1797 at the Boston Navy Yard. At the ceremony, her captain smashed a bottle of Madeira wine against the foremast. According to specialised sources, this action is recognised as the first evidence of the breaking of a bottle against the hull of a ship during the launching ceremony. Today, although the process has become more mechanised, the tradition of smashing a bottle to christen a ship remains intact.

The birth of 60dias S.L. in 2008 was not surrounded by such a unique ceremony. However, like the launching of a ship, the company began its journey full of illusion, confidence and the pride of those who walk along a path that others thought inaccessible.

The objective was clear. To make it easier for companies to deduct VAT and manage their expenses, by means of a production process capable of converting receipts into recovered VAT.

For the model to work, one of the keys would be the relationship between people and technology. Both had to work together for the sake of process efficiency. After all, the indicator of the initiative’s success was obvious: what rate of VAT recovery can we achieve?

The technological solution came from the hand of a team of people dedicated to the cause. Their commitment led to the creation of an IT model that, like the work of a good tailor, adapted as much as possible to the demands of the business.

And the people? The human factor represented the central axis of the model. Thus, over the years, a team of people was formed, characterised by a friendly approach to technology and by three fundamental values: commitment, quality orientation and professionalism.

But to be more specific, what does a person with these values do on a daily basis?

Our team’s commitment manifests itself in their dedication: they believe in our vision and give their all in every task. Every receipt counts. Quality is evident in the self-demanding nature that tirelessly pursues a job well done. Professionalism is reflected in the discreet and careful handling of customer documentation and in the telephone excellence of every interaction with customers and suppliers.

All of this, together with the human quality of each of our team members, has propelled us to leadership in the recovery of VAT on travel expense receipts. And you, are you on board?