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Detailed analysis of your expenses

Every year, companies accumulate millions of expense receipts that they simply book, recovering them only in case of inspection. We are aware of the potential information these documents contain and the value to companies of their in-depth analysis. Through personalised reports you can discover how you are spending your money, optimise your expenses and find new ways to save.


What can you achieve with 60dias Analytics?

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Your expenses in detail

Find out all the details about how you spend your money: taxis, hotels, car parks, restaurants? What percentage of your expenses are for tolls? How much do you spend per month on fuel? Get all the information through reports adapted to your activity

Contacto con proveedores

Contact with suppliers

Find out which hotels your employees frequent, the parking areas they use the most or which restaurants they prefer. We tell you which are your main suppliers so that you can contact them and negotiate special rates

posibilidades de ahorro

New savings opportunities

The more you know about your expenses, the easier it is to find possibilities for savings. Find new suppliers, explore better ways to travel, compare your expenses with general market trends

Control de la política de gastos

Control of your expense policy

Keep track of your employees’ expenses to ensure your policies are being followed. Discover everything from fraud cases to duplication, and even find areas for improvement

Optimización de la política de viajes

Optimization of your travel policy

What transport do your commercials usually use? Which hotels do they stay in? Find out how your employees travel and find improvements in your policy to make your trips more efficient and economical

Customized analysis

Not all companies are the same and their interests change according to time and activity. Whether it’s a report to find out about the situation in your market, a general analysis of your travel expenses or an in-depth study of your sales team’s activity, we offer you a solution tailored to you.

How much money does my company spend on taxis?

What is the average cost per kilometre and per employee per year?

Is the expenditure being justified according to the established procedure?

What percentage of the daily allowance is justified by documents that allow VAT to be recovered?

What percentage of taxi costs do we get billed on?

Are expenses liquidated within the established period?

Main deductible expenses for 2019 (%)

Do you have any questions?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you

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About 60dias