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Our more than 15 years of experience in expense management have allowed us to develop our own system for digitalizing invoices and processing them, minimizing human intervention, with which to generate a cargo file that is automatically integrated into the accounting module of each client’s ERP. Both the cost and the errors associated with the traditional accounting process are significantly reduced.

Automatiza tu contabilidad

Procedure for deduction

Digitalización de las facturasDigitalización de las facturas -1
Digitalización de las facturas

Digitalization of invoices

With high capacity scanners we process almost any format or paper size quickly, and without losing image quality

Extracción de datosExtracción de datos -2
Extracción de datos

Data extraction

An OCR software complemented by VRS, cropping and image processing filters extracts the data associated with each invoice. All scanned documents must go through a double validation process with a human team to ensure data integrity

Generación de ficheros informáticosGeneración de ficheros informáticos -3
Generación de ficheros informáticos

Generating computer files

We create a file with the invoice data that is automatically integrated into the accounting module of the customer’s ERP. The images and associated data of the invoices can be legalised, using certified digitalisation software, and signed electronically

VisualizaciónVisualización -4


Both the images and their associated data are archived in a DB which is made available to the client together with an application with organisation, visualisation and reporting functions for consulting, all in accordance with the strictest security standards

The advantages of automatic accounting

Evita errores

Prevents errors

Prevents errors

The combination of the use of OCR technology and human validation means that there are practically no errors in the recovery of invoice data. Each invoice undergoes a double validation process

Tus facturas digitalizadas

Get your invoices digitalized

Get your invoices digitalized

Obtain the original digital copies of the invoices, certified and digitally signed, which allows the elimination of paper with the consequent direct (space for filing, folders, binders…) and indirect (search time, legal risks…) savings

Comodidad y rapidez

Comfort and agility

Comfort and agility

Get the invoices in PDF format and organized in a database for easy viewing by your different departments. Save time by consulting any information related to the invoices and locate them immediately

Emisión de informes

Report issue

Report issue

The application allows you to issue reports by different criteria (dates, amounts…) facilitating a better control of the expenditure

Contabilización automática IC

Automatic accounting

Automatic accounting

Automatically posts invoices, which leads to a considerable increase in performance and a reduction in errors

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