60 days and Declaree: Recover the VAT of your T&E expenses with the help of an App of Expense Management.

From this month of January 2019, recovering VAT from your travel expenses is even easier. 60dias wants to officially announce to all its customers the collaboration with the company based in Holland, Declaree.

The storage, management and approval of expense notes is often a complicated task for companies. Therefore, 60dias tries to reach agreements with the most important expense management Apps both nationally and internationally to simplify the process as much as possible for our customers.

What are the benefits of having an Expense Management App?

The process is simple. The Declaree application allows employees to manage all their expenses from their mobile phone, calculating their daily allowances, as well as their review and approval by the company, almost automatically.

The application allows to store all the information of each ticket or invoice, including VAT, which allows 60dias to quickly analyse the total VAT recoverable from those travel expenses.

After 10 years of international expertise, 60dias will analyse 100% of that recoverable VAT that has already been digitalized in Declaree’s App, and will obtain the necessary documentation to allow its deductibility in the next tax return.

Declaree – The Expense Management App

With Declaree’s application, employees can easily capture all their receipts and other expenses on their smartphone from anywhere and send them directly for their approval. Once approved, expenses can be exported and are automatically recorded in the correct entries of the accounting software used in the company (e.g. SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, or Sage).

Declaree not only assists companies with invoices and expenses, the App also allows companies to easily integrate any credit card, digitize each employee’s daily allowances and incorporate their company’s policy to better control all the employee’s expenses