VAT recovery of community of owners’ expenses

Deduct the VAT proportional to your participation in the community

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Reclaim your VAT

A significant part of the properties owned by the companies are integrated within a community of owners. These communities cannot deduct VAT on their maintenance and service costs, as they are considered to be final consumers. However, entrepreneurs and professionals can claim the deduction of this tax on the proportional part of their participation (%) in the community, in other words, they can claim the VAT on their share.

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Deduction procedure

Contacto con los Administradores de FincasContacto con los Administradores de Fincas - 1
Contacto con los Administradores de Fincas

Contact with the Property Administrators

We contact the Property Administrators to evaluate the expenses in which the client participates, including the last 4 years (Spain)

Obtención de las facturasObtención de las facturas -2
Obtención de las facturas

Obtaining the invoices

We ask the different suppliers for duplicates of the invoices issued to the CCPP in the last 4 years

Análisis del coeficiente de participaciónAnálisis del coeficiente de participación -3
Análisis del coeficiente de participación

Analysis of the participation coefficient

Once received, the necessary data is extracted so that, once the customer’s participation coefficient has been applied, the customer can deduct the input VAT

Recuperación del IVARecuperación del IVA -4
Recuperación del IVA

VAT recovery

We provide a load file adapted to each client that contains all the invoices so that they can apply the deduction in their next VAT return

Service benefits



Obtain a constant source of liquidity from community expenditure

Servicio Hands Free

Servicio Hands Free

A service where you don’t have to worry about anything. With just your authorization we take care of everything and you will receive the invoices in a file adapted to your ERP

Carácter retroactivo

Retroactive nature

We recover not only current and future VAT, but also the past. The tax framework allows the deduction of VAT for up to the last 4 years (Spain), which is not yet prescribed, so that initially a very significant cash injection is achieved almost immediately

Who can benefit from this service?

Retail 800x600Retail 2 800x600
Retail 800x600
Despachos y 
oficinas 2 800x600
Socimis 2 800x600
Naves industriales 2 800x600

What expenses are deductible?

Suministros 500x300


Deducts VAT from general expenses

Maintenance costs

It recovers input VAT on expenses generated by electricity, water, heating…

Derramas 500x300

Extraordinary expenditure

Repairs, painting, facades...

Extraordinary expenditure

Painting facades, repairs in plumbing or electricity, unforeseen events that may happen in the daily life of a community of neighbours

Servicios externos 500x300

External services

Services for third parties

External services

Services such as cleaning, security, concierge services, surveillance or other work carried out by third parties are also eligible for VAT deduction

Gestoría 500x300


Management costs

Consultancy costs

Also deductible is the VAT generated by management expenses, consultancy…

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