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Our travel expense management software allows our clients to compare the information entered in their expense reports with the receipts submitted, and to easily track and analyze the data.

Lleva el control de tus gastos de viaje
El proceso de gestion

The process

Firstly, we scan all the tickets related to your travel expenses, whose digital processing allows us to request redemption invoices from suppliers and to deduct VAT for our customers.

Based on this digitalisation of documents, we proceed to verify the numerical data of each document by means of OCR technology and human supervision, so that the tickets become information that can be processed in a database.

Finally, it is possible to cross the data reported by the workers in their monthly expense liquidations, with the data extracted directly from the reported documents as a support for the said liquidations (identification of the supplier, associated typology, date of accrual, associated amount).

The advantages of expense management software

Analysing the resulting data and cross-checking it with the scanned documents provides useful information with which to do so:

  • Optimize and reduce costs.

  • Detect errors and duplications.

  • Preventing fraud.

  • Identify large suppliers by enabling purchasing departments to negotiate reduced rates with regular suppliers.

  • Keep track of the company’s travel policy.

  • Identify possible improvements in the travel policy.

Las ventajas del software de los gastos de viaje

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