2020 Calendar

  • March 10: SAP Concur Day, congress for CFO and IT managers in Madrid

  • March 24: SAP CONCUR digital event for travel managers, HR and financial managers

  • April 3: Training webinar organised by EXPENSYA

  • April 28: Webinar – Increase Your Liquidity with EXPENSYA.

  • May 14: Webinar – Savings Opportunities by CAPTIO.

  • June 2: Open Talks of Financial Innovation by AERCE.

  • June 9: Webinar for clients organized by CONCUR

  • June 18: Webinar for clients organized by RYDOO

  • June 23: In-house webinar organized by AMERICAN EXPRESS

  • September 23: Webinar for Rydoo’s Sales Team

  • November 23: Annual ASSET Conference for CFOs in Bilbao
  • December 15: Congress of financial directors organized by APD in Valencia

60dias at events, conferences, Webinars, etc…

Past events

  • April: Congress Expo Turismo de Negocios en IFEMA, Madrid
  • April: Webinar Financials, Travel Managers and Buyers on LinkedIn
  • May: Webinar organized by ENZYME with Captio
  • May: Buyers congress North Zone with AERCE, Basque Country
  • May: Day with ASSET & Rydoo (+FLUIDRA) in Fomento, Barcelona
  • June: Buyers congress Andalucía with AERCE in Malaga
  • July: Event with Capgemini and Concur in Madrid
  • September: Buyers congress Comunidad Valenciana with AERCE
  • October: Innovation in purchasing workshop with AERCE in Barcelona
  • October: Webinar organized for clients and potentials of Notilus
  • October: CPOnet purchasing convention at IFEMA, Madrid
  • November: Webinar organized for clients and potentials of Notilus
  • December: Webinar financial and travel managers organised by Rydoo
  • October: Stand at FINANCE MEETING in Madrid
  • September: Congress of CFOS with APD in Santiago
  • June: Presentation with RICOH in Zaragoza
  • June: Presentation CONTROL SYSTEMS, Palau de la Música, Barcelona
  • April: Webinar with EXEVI in Madrid
  • March: Webinar with ENZYME in Barcelona
  • February: Presentation with TECNEA in Gijón
  • November: SARCE Financial Congress, Madrid.
  • December 2016: Webinar with Captio in Tortosa
  • October 2016: Presentation with GTRES60 / TIGLOO in Guetxo, Bilbao
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