6Odias has a model that digitizes invoices and processes them minimizing human intervention, generating a file that is automatically integrated into the accounting programm. Both the cost and the errors associated with the traditional accounting process are significantly reduced.


The process has the following phases:

  1. Invoice digitalization: high capacity hardware, which allows us to process documents of almost any type and size.
  2. Data extraction: An OCR software is used, along with VRS image enhancement and perfection software. No OCR is failproof, for this reason, 6Odias incorporates into the process the intervention of people who are in charge of validating, correcting or introducing, as the case may be, the data of the invoice. All documents digitized in 6Odias go through a double validation process to ensure the integrity of the associated data.
  3. Generation of computer files: A loading file is then generated with the invoice data and is sent to the Client so that it can be automatically integrated in the accounting module of the company’s ERP. This means the definitive suppression of the document in paper format.
  4. Visualization: both the images and their associated data are archived in a database, and are always available to the client along with an App that allows the client to view and issue reports for consultation, following the strictest security standards.


This system provides a range of advantages compared with the traditional accounting system:

  1. Practical absence of errors in the recovery of invoice data due to the combination of the use of OCR technology and human validation. Each invoice is subjected to a double validation process.
  2. Obtainment of digital original copies of invoices, allowing the deletion of paper with the consequent direct savings (space for files, folders), and indirect (search time, legal risks, etc…).
  3. Delivery of receipts and invoices in display formats (pdf) and organization (DB) to ease visualization by the different departments of the client, saving time to consult any information related to invoices.
  4. Application that allows the issuance of reports by different criteria.
  5. Immediate location of the copies of invoices.
  6. Automatic accounting of invoices, which leads to a considerable increase in efficiency and a consequent decrease of errors.
Contabilidad automática
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