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Collaboration-based service

In 60dias we have been requesting for many years, on behalf of national and international companies, the complete invoices of the expenses generated by their employees so that they can claim the VAT for up to the last 4 years (spain). It is thanks to the collaboration of the suppliers we contact that we are leaders in the sector.

Servicio basado en la colaboración
Servicio de Facturación

Invoicing service

We are aware that this can be disruptive for many suppliers due to the volume of invoices or lack of experience in this area, which is why we offer them a 100% free invoicing service. Thus, after signing the agreement that allows us to issue these documents on their behalf, we prepare the invoices and send them to the supplier along with each receipt so that they only have to review, validate and save them.

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Take full advantage of the benefits that only the leader in the VAT recovery on receipts can offer!

Servicio gratuito

Free service

Our clients are the companies that want to recover VAT, not the suppliers that issue the invoices, so we offer a free solution for all those we contact

Fideliza a tus clientes

Build customer loyalty

The VAT recovery on receipts is a complicated process. By making it easier for your clients to manage their receipts, you are adding value to your services

Servicio Hands Free

Simple and fast

We will take care of everything, you just have to check that the information is correct, validate it via email and save it. In addition, exchange invoices do not affect your normal accounting as they reflect a transaction from a past year

Conoce a tus clientes

Know who your customers are

You already know the people, but find out which companies your regular customers belong to and create a lasting relationship with them

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If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you

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