With the beginning of 2020, 60dias seeks to face new challenges and commitments. In recent years the concern for ecology and sustainability has not stopped growing around the world and we are in luck because, ecological awareness is here to stay!

Services that promote sustainability

60dias has among its founding values, and there is no doubt that we demonstrate it with our services, the care and sustainability of the environment. Some of our projects, such as: the recovery of the VAT paid and not deducted from the Travel Cats, thanks to the possibility of creating a documentary archive, or the expense management service, allow clients to recycle the receipts of the expenses presented by the workers in paper once their digital copy has been made. Since the law in Spain requires these documents to be kept for a minimum of 6 years, companies are obliged to have a place to file all this documentation, with the consequent expense not only of boxes and filing cabinets, but also of space, personnel and time in their organisation.

Our experience acquired offering this type of service over the last 12 years together with the high satisfaction of our clients makes 60dias a reference company in the national panorama.

Our commitment to sustainability

When it comes to environmental sustainability, we cannot forget to look at our navel, which is why we have focused our attention on the main resource used in our offices, and therefore the main source of waste: paper. Every day we consume all kinds of stationery, so doing so without thinking would result in a great deal of waste, in addition to the cost it entails throughout the year. Reducing the use of paper avoids the generation of waste, pollution problems and the consumption of natural resources associated with its production.

Measuring the amount and type of paper consumed in each department and its cost allows us to obtain useful information to know where it is a priority to intervene, and to promote saving measures. The guidelines for responsible consumption defined have also helped us a lot. The recycling of waste in our offices is already a fact, but we are not satisfied and we want to continue to reduce our ecological footprint, so we have set ourselves the goal of reducing paper consumption by 30% by 2020.

Raising awareness among our staff is essential. If we all participate in this project by involving the different departments, it will be easier for us to achieve this goal. For all these reasons, 60dias has the responsibility to inform all employees about this issue through talks or activities that highlight our commitment to the environment, as well as offering the necessary tools to carry it out.