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Reduce the LPT you pay

Companies rarely question the amount of the LPT (Local Property Tax), however it is common that the cadastral value of their properties is miscalculated, so they would be paying more taxes than they should.

Besides the LPT, the Cadastral Value affects other taxes such as:

  • Tax on increase in urban land value.

  • Wealth tax.

  • Transfer tax.

  • Inheritance and gift tax.

  • Rubbish or ford fees (in some municipalities).

Reduce el IBI que pagas
Optimización impuestos derivados del valor catastral

Optimization of the cadastral value

Through a technical diagnosis of our clients’ real estate assets, we identify all those parameters that affect the correct calculation of the cadastral value and, based on technical and legal foundations, we propose a corrective roadmap with the aim of obtaining savings on the LPT bill, and associated taxes.

Among the errors that the Cadastral Value raises, we highlight:

  • Inappropriate assignment of uses or building typologies.

  • Failure to apply the corresponding correction coefficients.
  • Surface differences.

  • Value over sales price limits.

The process

Diagnóstico técnicoDiagnóstico técnico -1
Technical diagnosis
Informe de optimizaciónInforme de optimización -2
Optimization report
Propuesta de actuación y hoja de ruta correctivaPropuesta de actuación y hoja de ruta correctiva -3
Proposal for action and corrective roadmap
Tramitación del expedienteTramitación del expediente -4
Processing of the file
RegularizaciónRegularización -5

Service benefits

Ahorro permanente

Permanent savings

With only one management you obtain a permanent saving in the LPT that you pay, as well as in all the taxes in which the Cadastral Value influences

Carácter retroactivo

Retroactive nature

The past payments, affected by the incorrect calculation of the Cadastral Value, are considered as undue income to the Public Treasury so you are entitled to recover the difference of the last 4 years

Sin mínimos, ni cuotas

Without minimums or quotas

We price to success! We charge a percentage of recovered VAT so we only gain if you gain. We do not ask for fixed or minimum fees. A Win-Win service in which the client will see his liquidity increased

Who can benefit from this service?

Naves industriales 2 800x600

This type of property often has associated uses that do not correspond to its real activity, which influences the value of the land, value of the construction and rate of taxation, considerably raising the LPT they pay. Correcting this means saving thousands of euros a year.

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